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06 - 07 Sep 2023

Time9:00 - 17:00

All Day


£765.00 (excl VAT)

Organisation Design for Today’s World

Organisational Design for Today’s World is a two-day programme on organisational design that will help learners to understand how to develop and redefine their organisation’s structure and design, in order to enhance business performance. Learners will be equipped with the tools they need to lead and deliver change despite the disrupted and uncertain business landscape. This course will also distinguish the difference between organisational design and development, as well as the difference between organisational structure and design.

In this two-day programme participants will work with a variety of case studies, tools, frameworks and models to learn the principles and application of Organisational Design.

Why your Organisation needs a new way of working

Organisations face recurring and continuous change, and in order to maintain or increase productivity, performance and profit, they need to effectively respond to these challenges. The problem lies in knowing what needs to change, how to change it and when is the best time for change.

Why Organisation Design?

Organisational Design is the process of aligning the structure, workflows and resources of an organisation with its objectives in order to improve efficiency, effectiveness and value for the customer. The need for Organisational Design can come from mergers, introducing new products or services, changes to the strategy, cost reduction initiatives and broad change initiatives.

"Organisation design means holistic thinking about the organisation: its systems, structures, people, performance measures, processes and culture, and the way the whole operates in the environment"

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