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Business Driven HR

Unlock the value of Strategic HR

This Strategic HR training course will help you to understand the purpose and implication of Strategic HR, and enhance your ability to address problems and challenges arising in the organisation through a rational, organic and strategic HR lens. You’ll learn how to use tools and techniques that can be applied immediately in your own workplace.

HR is the most important function in an organisation. It’s where people meet strategy, and it’s crucial that you get this right. This course will help you understand how to align your HR activities with business goals so they have real impact on the bottom line. You’ll also learn how to use data-driven insights to make better decisions about talent, culture and engagement – all of which are vital for success today.

By attending this strategic hr course, participants will be able to develop an understanding of what constitutes “Strategic HR”; understand how it can be used as a tool for change within organisations; identify key drivers behind successful implementation of strategies; apply practical tools & techniques which can be used by any level of management or individual contributor. Participants will also gain insight into the importance of developing relationships with stakeholders at all levels within their organisation. They will also learn about different types of communication styles and hrd interventions required when working across cultures & geographies. Finally you will discover how important it is to have strong interpersonal skills when dealing with people from other cultures/countries/organisations etc., especially during times of crisis or disagreement.

This hrd programme will explore what it means for HR to be more entrepreneurial, adding value as a strategic support service, and finally how to measure and evaluate HR’s contribution and value add to the organisation. You’ll also discover some of the best practices that are used by leading companies around the world.

Colleagues in a large meeting

“Do you want to learn how HR can add value as a strategic partner?”

Who should attend

This HRD course is suitable for Senior HR management professionals responsible for formulating and or implementing strategy


The benefits of this course is to provide participants with a practical understanding of how to add value as an HRD, Leader, HR or OD Practitioner. The interactive format of the course will enable learners to explore new knowledge and techniques through practical engagement

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  • To explore and understand the purpose and implication of Strategic HR
  • Exploring the best fit Service Delivery Model and the appropriate Roles, including David Ulrich’s recommendations for business optimisation
  • Going beyond HR Processes to deliver value in the future
  • Are we asking the right questions or solving the right problems?
  • Exploring Strategic Problem-Solving Process:
  • Understanding the systemic and complex nature of the organisational system, to inform our decisions, interventions and ultimately how we lead the organisation
  • How to add value. As a Strategic Shared Services Partner – “occupying our seat at the boardroom table”
  • How to future-proof the HR Talent Management Strategy
  • Strategic Support Services can and should drive growth and organisational relevance

Understanding the various evaluation constructs for assessing HR interventions and impact

  • Simulating the world of work, to practice the skills learned during the programme
  • Action planning for application in the workplace

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Business Driven HR

This is a highly interactive experience, which is delivered as either In-Person (3 full consecutive days), or Live Virtual Classroom (6 consecutive days of 3.5 hour sessions)

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