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Change Management

Change Management Development overview

Today’s organisations exist in a climate of constant & increasing change. The many, dynamic & contradictory drivers for change include innovations in technology, working practices mergers, increased demand from regulation, & the need to achieve more with less.

Organisations that have learned how to transform themselves through effective strategies and change initiatives are more likely to survive and prosper.

When it comes to implementing significant changes within an organisation, leaders and change management go hand in hand. Leaders are responsible for setting the tone and guiding their teams through the transition, while change management provides a framework for managing the process in a structured and effective way. 

At Labyrinth Coaching & Consulting, we take a holistic perspective of change initiatives, and are able to partner with you at multiple levels within your organisation:

  • At an Organisational level  (Strategy Development, Employee Engagement)
  • At a Group / Business Unit level (Cultural Audits, Behavioural Development)
  • At an Individual level (Leading people through Change, Integrating the new psychological contract)

Our Change Management Courses

Change Management for Driving Business Results

Managing Ourselves and Others Through Change to Elevate Business Results

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