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Aspiring Directors’ Development Programme

Effectively transitioning to Directorship

Are you a new or aspiring director looking for the next step in your career?

The Aspiring Director Development Programme is designed for senior organisational leaders, business owners and aspiring directors aiming to fast track their professional and personal development. It provides learners with a detailed understanding and up-to-date knowledge of the role of the Director, how it differs to the Board role, enhanced and embodied leadership (including communication, agile working and responsibility in the context of wider society), corporate strategy and the associated tools and techniques to ensure effective delivery.

This leadership development programme is designed for professionals looking for intensive leadership development training that provides them with the necessary tools they need in order to succeed as a director within an organisation. It has been specifically tailored towards those individuals who are ready for new challenges and opportunities which can only be achieved through strong leadership skills and business partnering abilities.

You will learn how to build relationships with other business leaders; understand what it takes to be an effective board member; develop your ability to lead change within organisation; improve your communication skills through negotiation techniques; enhance your decision making abilities through critical thinking exercises.

By the end of this corporate leadership skills training you will have developed into a confident leader who can make informed decisions that are right for their organisation’s future success.

The Aspiring Director Development Programme is a leadership management course which provides the perfect opportunity for you to fast track your professional and personal development. You’ll learn how to lead teams, communicate effectively, manage change and deliver results.

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“Understand the Role of the Director and what is expected internally and externally”

Who should attend

The Aspiring Director Development Programme welcomes


Learning Outcomes of this Corporate Leadership Training Programme:

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  • Ways of Coordinating – one of the top skills for all leaders:
    • Nature & Effective Coordination
    • Barrier to Change, Coordination and Learning
  • Roles of the Director:
    • Expectations, Legal Responsibilities, responsibility in the context of wider society
    • Effectiveness & Efficiency
    • Overarching ‘How’ of Leadership
    • The “New Normal” – Beyond COVID Lockdown
    • Context Considerations from a Director’s Perspective:
    • Developing our Thinking Skills & Application
    • How Theories can enable our Big-Picture Thinking?
    • Thinking Environment
  • 21st Century Leadership Practices
  • Enhancing & Embodying our Personal Effectiveness
  • The Doing & Being of the Communication Modality©️:
    • The mechanics of a conversation in relation to Embodied coordination
    • Understand the transformative nature of conversations & how to use them as a tool for coordination
  • Evidence Informed (Data) – Considerations for Working Holistically & Strategically
  • Taking well Considered & Confident Decisions – Deciding How to Decide!
  • Mobilising Action:
    • Consequence Management
    • How to determine what you should do and what you should delegate
    • Monitoring, Control & Reporting (Urgent
  • Motivation for Performance:
    • The LCC Motivation for Performance Continuum
    • Performance Model
    • Time Management – Emails and Zoom are not work – merely tools
  • Strategic Thinking is one of the Essential Skills for Directors
  • Understanding the intricacies of Strategy for enhanced delivery
  • Business Model vs. TOM
  • Leadership in the Digital Age
  • Planning how the learning will change the Directors Practice and Leadership

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OD for Leaders and HR Professionals

This is a highly interactive experience, which is delivered as either In-Person (2 full consecutive days), or Live Virtual Classroom (4 consecutive days of 3.5 hour sessions)

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