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Exemplary Leadership

Leading for High Performance

Exemplary Leadership is a leadership development training programme for those who are ready to take the next step on their leadership skills training. Developing leadership skills is more than learning to be a good manager. Great leadership is based on finding our own inner qualities and strengths and leading ourselves with conviction, before we can lead others with influence and confidence. Leadership from this perspective is a manifestation of our unique personal power, credibility, purpose and vision. We’ll help you find your voice as an authentic leader so that you can inspire people around you in ways that matter most to them.

Exemplary Leadership is an advanced leadership management course that will help you become the best leader possible. This training management course is designed for leaders who are ready to take their game up a notch and get better results from themselves, their teams, and their organisation. You’ll learn how to inspire people through helping them find meaning in their work, take new skilful actions and build stronger work commitments. You’ll also develop a deep understanding about how to lead up-the-line by influencing other leaders, so they can tap into your collective potential to influence strategy and deliver on change. This means creating a culture of trust, empowerment and ownership where problems are solved quickly, and innovation is encouraged.

This is an interactive leadership development training that helps learners refine their established leadership practice and encourage leadership in others in the service of a common purpose. Leadership and management courses are designed to help leaders develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will enable them to be more effective as they lead people towards shared goals.

We believe great leaders are made not born – it takes time, effort and commitment but we know anyone can become a great leader if they work at it. So whether this is something new or part of what you already do, join us now! The world needs more leaders like you who are willing to step up and make things happen! Let’s get started today!

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“Enhance your leadership presence – positively impact the performance, motivation, sustainability, job satisfaction and confidence of those you work with”

Who should attend


The Exemplary Leadership Development Programme will equip senior leaders to:

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  1. Leading and Developing the Business – creating a business that thrives, particularly focused on alignment of strategy with intent, for high performance and customer satisfaction
  2. Leading Teams – How to Develop a Climate and Culture for High Performance and Output-Focused Delivery in a Leadership Context
  3. Individual Self-Awareness and Performance – Given strong leadership requires you to develop your own inner qualities and abilities, this is about developing the leader everyone aspires to be
  • Learn how to seamlessly transition from Management to Leadership in order to create a business that thrives
  • Understand how I currently distribute my time, and the impact this might have on the business
  • Leadership and personal style – What am I looking for in a leader? What do I know about myself?
  • The difference between strategic, tactical and operational thinking and the role of the leader in allocating time to each
  • What does it mean to be a strategic leader and how effective am I?
  • Develop political competence to achieve business goals
  • How to continue the learning – what comes next?
  • Why do people not follow through on what they’ve been told to do?
  • What does excellent performance management entail?
  • What to do If your teams aren’t performing as expected
  • The Leader’s role in developing a Motivational Climate to realise individual potential
  • What is involved in leading virtual teams and flexi workforces (including gig workers and artificial intelligence)?
  • How to adapt your management and leadership style to get results
  • The leader as coach, and what this means?
  • The art of delegation in order to increase performance and productivity
  • Action planning the next steps – how to apply the learning?
  • Explore the cornerstones of effective communication and practice the skills to motivate and influence your team
  • Develop you influencing skills and behaviours to get the best out of your teams
  • Develop the skills to be a credible and Assertive leader to inspire and motivate your team
  • Leadership flexibility and influencing styles – what choices do I have?
  • Mapping and building strong relationships with stakeholders
  • Learn effective influencing skills in a 1:1 setting – how to effectively build rapport
  • Learn to influence groups, through effective communication and negotiation
  • Develop your Emotional Intelligence for effective self-management and regulation
  • Action planning the next steps – how to apply the learning?

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Exemplary Leadership

This is a highly interactive experience, which is delivered as either In-Person (2 full consecutive days), or Live Virtual Classroom (4 consecutive days of 3.5 hour sessions)

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