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Effective Facilitation Skills Training

Harness the Productivity of Groups through Effective Facilitation and Coordination

Are you looking to improve your facilitation skills?

We all know that the best way to get people on board with an idea is by having them participate in its creation. But how can you encourage full participation and help groups reach higher levels of coordination, consensus, and commitment? The answer is developing facilitation skills. Our Effective Facilitation Training course will teach you everything from small group dynamics to conflict resolution strategies so that you’re ready for any situation. You’ll learn how to lead meetings, manage difficult conversations, facilitate brainstorming sessions and more.

Our Effective Facilitation Training course will show you how to lead groups and teams through change, with greater confidence and competence. You’ll learn the skills needed to facilitate meetings, workshops and events that are productive, efficient and effective. And we offer training for all levels of experience – from beginners to experts looking for fresh ideas or new approaches.

We’ve been training facilitators for over 20 years and we know the ins and outs of how to help groups reach their full potential. Our Effective Facilitation Training course is a great way to learn about the best practices in group dynamics, communication, and collaboration. It will give you the tools you need to lead meetings with confidence and achieve better results from your team.

Our Effective Facilitation Skills Training course is designed to help learners understand what those skills are and how they can apply them in their work. We introduce theory, tools and techniques with real world examples and ample opportunity for practice, tutor input and group feedback. The result is a comprehensive programme which will equip participants with the necessary knowledge to become effective facilitators.

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“Learn how to facilitate groups to become more effective in achieving results, driving change and improving delivery”

Who should attend

This programme is for anyone who is involved in facilitating groups to become more effective in achieving results, driving change and improving delivery. This could be as part of a formal meeting, a training course or general facilitation of groups in the workplace


The benefits of this course is to provide learners with a practical understanding of how to facilitate Teams or Groups to become more effective in achieving results, driving change and improving delivery. The interactive format of the course will enable learners to explore new knowledge and techniques through practical engagement.

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  • Understand the role of the facilitator
  • Understand the nature and benefits of Facilitation
  • Understand the fundamental competencies of a facilitator to establish and maintain credibility
  • Working with outcomes – What are you trying to achieve during the session?
  • Planning the event – Beginnings, Middles and Endings
  • Understanding the ‘Ultimate Facilitation Compass’
  • Interventions – icebreakers and energisers, divergent, convergent and closure
  • Creating safety through visibility and contracting
  • Going slow to go fast
  • Learn techniques for group problem solving
  • Discover tools and techniques for managing process (e.g. Ishikawa diagram, Gap Analysis, Theory U, etc.)
  • What happens in workshops and meetings?
  • Groups – why are we interested in groups?
  • Group dynamics – techniques for managing dynamics
  • Self-awareness as a facilitator
  • Difficult people and situations

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Effective Facilitation Skills Training

This is a highly interactive experience, which is delivered as either In-Person (3 full consecutive days), or Live Virtual Classroom (6 consecutive days of 3.5 hour sessions)

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