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Project Management

Effectively coordinate People, Processes and Change for successful Project Delivery

Project management is not just about delivering on time, scope, budget and quality. It’s about developing people, teams and individuals. Project leaders can learn the essential people skills that can make the difference between success and failure on a project, regardless of culture and geographic locale.
The leadership skills needed by project teams are different from those required of organisational leaders.

For project teams, factors such as changing team members, an unclear framework or project context, and budget adjustments can make a larger and more rapid impact on efficiency and performance than when those same changes occur at the organisational level. Project teams most often cite examples of good leadership as being able to inspire others, and secure the confidence and support of stakeholders.

Our Project Management Courses

The Fundamentals of Project Management

Build your essential Project Management Toolkit

The People Side of Project Management

Engaging and mobilising the ‘melting pot’ of skills and capabilities

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