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Welcome to the Programme

We are delighted that you are joining us for this amazing learning programme. With a comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, and a supportive learning environment, you will have the opportunity to master the concepts and principles of Organisational Design & Development (OD&D).

This programme has been carefully crafted so as to give you the best experience and enable you to become highly proficient in OD&D. It is designed to teach not just knowledge, but also skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, communication and creativity.

Our multidisciplinary approach provides an expansive view of the subject matter that will help you become well-rounded and gain the tools necessary for success.

Important! Modular Programme

Please note that the CMI Level 7 Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership Practices (Units focused specifically on Organisation Design & Development and Leading Strategic Change), is a modular programme.  

To this end, please ascertain which modules and dates you have registered for, when referring to the Joining Instructions, Materials, etc.  For ease of reference,we have provided the different Modules and Timings below:

Organisation Development for Leaders & HR Professionals

Organisation Design for Today’s World

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CMI Level 7 Certificate or Award in Strategic Management & Leadership

Although we are in a “Virtual Classroom”, we will stop for breaks and lunch

Joining Instructions

Preparation Work

Some preparation work will be required before attending the workshop, please see below:

Pre-Reading & Videos – Please copy the links into your Internet Browser:

Please ensure you have the following, to support your learning experience:

Please familiarise yourself with the Overall Programme or Specific Module, and then, please come prepared with:

  • A ‘real work’ issue or difficult situation, as you will have the opportunity to work on it during the workshop:
  • For OD bring a change, improvement, etc. challenge (Organisation Development in nature)
  • For Organisation Design, bring a structure, interface, etc. challenge (Organisation Design project you have either been involved in, or are currently undertaking, or is imminent in your organisation)
  • For the CMI Programme, bring both Organisation Development & Organisation Design
  • Please formulate 2-3 personal learning objectives for the Programme

Organisation Development for Leaders and HR Professionals:

Organisation Design for Today’s World:

CMI Programme:

  • Please complete all the above Pre-Reading and Videos

Notepaper and pen for personal use

  • Computer and Internet Connection for login into the Platform (WebEx, MS Teams, Zoom, etc.)
  • Please look out for the WebEx invites (given they from a company, they could go to your Junk mail)
  • Please note that the Workshop Materials are provided Digitally:
  • You will need to make use of the slides and some of the handouts during the workshop, so please look out for the email providing the Link to the materials, which will be sent a few days before the Programme
  • You will need to download the content and save a copy for yourself.
  • In our experience, some learners find it easier to print the slides as note pages, for ease of note-taking, etc.

Webex Details

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited.” —Plutarch

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